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Eagle Health was founded in 2012, in Glen Waverly, Victoria, as a private practice. And founded on the principle that results are paramount and education is at the forefront of the solution. For ignorance is not bliss and what you don’t know is hurting you.

There is a lot of misinformation told by many well-meaning medical practitioners, well-meaning friends and family and well-meaning alternative health enthusiasts; professional or otherwise, with little or no results. Results therefore are what we here at Eagle Health are about, that is losing weight for example in the short term and then keeping it off long term; now that is a result. Results
that is as another example, in lowering your blood pressure without pills in the short term and not having your blood pressure go up again long term; now that is a result. Another result which Eagle Health is all about is helping others find joy in their lives again or sometimes helping others find joy for the first time, that result is priceless and comes from listening, really listening to you as another human being. After all, having joy in your life is what health and wellbeing is all about.

Service, a rare commodity it seems in today’s world, as most practices and many businesses give only lip service to service. Here at Eagle Health service is also what we are about and follow ups are as equally important as the initial consultation and as such we open our doors two evenings a week for education, sharing if appropriate and for additional support.

Do give us a call to find out for yourself what we really are about and put our service to the test.

Suffering from hay fever several times during the summer months and colds a few times a year, a friend suggested to go and see Eagle Health. I did, and saw a friendly, well spoken gentleman, he asked lots of questions, listened and then gave me the solution. No more hay fever which is great and no cold so far.

Rani Surender

My Life Journey

While reading Move Ahead with Possibility Thinking by Dr Robert Schuller, sometime in July of 1995, something happened that changed my whole life. I know that’s a cliché but I was actually sitting on my old bed at my parents’ home with my legs outstretched as I lay relaxed to enjoy my reading time. As I read, without warning, without control and without any notion of what I was about to experience; I found myself transported onto a stage; the stage that you would find at any convention centre or large auditorium. And before a packed house with an audience of several thousand strong, with many of my associates at the time in front of me, I was speaking about health; a vision that was sublime, vivid, exalting, unfathomably electrifying and so emotionally charged that tears literally rolled down my cheeks. Every fibre of my being was alive and I was filled with a deep, deep, all- encompassing heart-warming love; that was as real as you can image, what I suppose being in heaven must surely feel like. Although words cannot accurately describe what it felt like. However, when that vision or apparition cleared, and without-a- doubt the revealing of my soul’s purpose here on earth. I found myself back in my old bedroom, in a state of shock, overwhelmed by the deep emotion of it all. I sat motionless for what seemed a long time before carrying on with my daily life though very much so perplexed and pensive to say the least for several days, with the primary thoughts being on how do I make that vision a reality.

A few months later I left the hospital where I worked at the time, to go back to college and study, really study; behavioural psychology, dietetics and nutrition, English literature, theology and metaphysics and business and finance to name the main subjects. And attended every seminar that I was able to and read every book I could get hold of and still do to this day on the subjects of health, physical health, mental health, spiritual health, financial health and the causation of disease and illness and the solutions for disease and illness. Eighteen years after that fateful day in July 1995, I opened my very own private practice and twice a week I teach, occasionally giving a seminar just like in the vision I had. During which time though I learnt a lot about myself and others and still am learning; testing out several theories including as the video clips on the right indicate, what the human mind, body and spirit is capable of once guided by a purpose and working in harmony.

Do make an appointment, for your health is our focus and we do take getting back your health very seriously.

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