Over twenty years ago, Julie entered our office, aged twenty-five, her height was 168cm and her weight was 114.54kg.

After a few tactful questions, we quickly found out the reason why she was overweight, only to further discover her actual problem was not her weight at all, though to most it clearly was. However, unless you find out and identify what the actual problem is, you cannot solve it. Many attempts were made to help her lose weight with lots of fad diets and many visits to several doctors, various dieticians and weight loss specialists all to no avail.

Fortunately, here at Eagle Health we have a different approach, resulting in Julie losing in just one year over 50kg, and 60kg in fourteen months. Furthermore, she got her confidence back, her self-esteem back, along with her happiness and zest for life. Most importantly of all, her weight never went back on. And following our coaching programs, seven years after her first consultation, she was happily married, had two beautiful children and was a company director driving a Porsche.