Several years ago, I got a phone call from a teacher friend, who asked if I could help a lady who had ovarian cancer. This particular lady was over from Canada looking for alternative treatment, as she already had one ovary removed months earlier because it was cancerous.

My friend organised a meeting for us to see Lisa. To my surprise and delight she was aged just 31, a mum of three, slim, very attractive with radiant clear skin. No obvious outside signs that anything was wrong on the inside.

Happily, it took a second to understand what her actual problem was. That is to say what the cause was for her to have such a devastating disease at only 31 and avoid further surgery. This was confirmed by asking her only one simple question.
While I sat in front of her, I held both her hands and asked, “Has partner being abusing you in anyway?”
Answer, “Why only one?”
Reply, “You didn’t learn the first time?”

That is how our brief consultation began.

A few days later she flew back to Canada, following our guidance and support programs, it took just a few weeks for this lovely lady to be clear of all cancer, to be stress free and eating well. This we learned via her email correspondences.