Our Services

Being on time and keeping our word are two rules we at Eagle Health live by. And though they might be common courtesies, they are rarely practiced. We take our service and your health very seriously indeed. This you will find out very quickly.

With over three decades of study and a 98% success rate; you can understand what we mean when we say results are what we focus on. If results are what you are after, together we’ll get them for you. Using education, nature, nutrition and nutritional medicine.

Our consultancy fee is only a $115. Home visits are extra. With additional consultations discountable depending on what is required, what is the problem and on an individual’s particular set of circumstances. At your initial consultation you will be asked some questions as well as being encouraged to ask some questions yourself. You will also be listened to, really listened to.

For healthy radiant skin we do have a complimentary weekly spa evening; consisting of a complimentary facial and an informative educational discussion on skin care.

For your health and continuing health, we do have a complimentary ongoing weekly support evening. Which may involve the viewing of the latest health documentary and or discussion, or a healthy culinary demonstration, as well as an optional sharing opportunity.

For weight loss and weight management, in addition to your consultation we do have a weekly weigh-in and discussion session, as well as a weekly group walk that several ladies have pointed out that is highly enjoying.

Whatever your reason for contacting us; for example arthritis, anxiety, blood pressure, depression, cancer, pain, discomfort, digestive problems, weight loss, weight management, chronic fatigue, behavioural disorders, skin rashes, or diabetes 2, your health is all that matters to us.

Give us a call and put our service and results orientated programmes to the test.

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