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It has been said, that without your health nothing else matters; here at Eagle Health we have found that to be true. So, we take your health very seriously indeed. For the various ailments that befall our lives at some point such as crippling arthritis, cancer, diabetes 2, increases in weight, heart problems, chronic fatigue, IBS, poor gut health and digestive issues to name just a few, there is a solution. We are not saying it’s easy, just that there is a solution. A very simple yet very effective solution.

Why would you want to use us, is the first question you will ask?

Our effective solutions begin with you, the people of Melbourne; solutions that are tailored specifically to your particular set of circumstances and particular problem, ranging from migraines to proper gut health. Whatever that problem happens to be within reason. Though to date, we have not yet come up against a problem that a solution could not be found. Why? Because we sit and listen to you, really listen to you for as long as it takes to know what the problem actually is. For example, a pretty 31-year- old mum of three young children, was referred to us by her teacher friend; this mum of three had ovarian cancer, and had already lost one-half of her ovaries to surgery and wanted to find an alternative so as to keep her remaining ovary. Fortunately, the solution was found by asking just one question, which was

“Has your partner been abusing you in any way?”

“Why only one?” was the reply.

“You didn’t learn the first time then?”


“Not to worry, the solution is simple and not too difficult.”

Which it was, as only two weeks later, that lovely lady was healthy again and continues to be so. Not all solutions though take a mere two weeks for a problem to be solved, as cancer, chronic fatigue, gut health diabetes and more can be extensive, but it is possible depending of course on an individual’s particular set of circumstances and the solution with those particular set of circumstances in mind.

Do give us a call and let us see if we can help to find a solution for you.

The Founder

Dennis (Prof)

For over thirty years, Dennis has been studying health primarily to get results by looking initially at causation not just the symptoms. This study includes five subjects to degree level. An intellectual and teacher who has had his own private practice for the past six years. He is very much so a community orientated individual, bettering Melbourne’s northern suburbs by being the founding chairman of two charities, raised tens of thousands of dollars, and while doing so achieved the enviable milestone of no less than two world records. He is an author, writer and in his spare time is slowly working on his latest book titled Think and Grow Healthy.


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Successful Stories

Suffering from hay fever several times during the summer months and colds a few times a year, a friend suggested to go and see Eagle Health. I did, and saw a friendly, well spoken gentleman, he asked lots of questions, listened and then gave me the solution. No more hay fever which is great and no cold so far.

Caroline Alexandra

I know I am biased toward my own brother, but he certainly he helped me get rid of my arthritis while the doctors couldn’t help me at all. He worked with me and educated me on how to change my lifestyle. This has brought tremendous relief for me and all my pain is gone. Thank You! Dennis.

Stephen Nicolle

At 16 I started getting headaches, and for two years most of the time I often got a migraine, while the doctors meant well, pills didn’t work. Following my Uncle Dennis’s advice (Professor) a few days later the headaches eased, a week afterwards they had gone.

Nathan Nicolle

From being miserable, having low energy as well as some personal matters to feeling great and having high energy and a great outlook for my future in just a few weeks. Prof. Dennis Nicolle just changed by life and I have never looked back

Vanessa Brown
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